Jethro Tull @Cirque Royal Brussels BE –  14 November 2022

The latest Ian Anderson’s tour ‘The Prog Years’ is built on the very early Jethro Tull’s releases, as a journey starting in 1968 and leading all the way up to 2022 including songs from Jethro Tull’s first album since 2003, The Zealot Gene.

Before the show, an announcement requested the audience to take photos and films only during the encore, a limitation aiming at allowing the musicians to focus on performing the demanding and sophisticated arrangements of the songs at their highest technical virtuosity. (read more)

Ty Segall & The Freedom Band @ OLT Rivierenhof Antwerp – BE

At 35, Ty Segall is garage rock legend. He has released dozens of albums, is the driving force behind his own bands and plays as member in various other projects. He has been active since 2008 and shows no signs of slowing down. Henry Rollins himself once said: “Several weeks ago, I was over at Ty Segall’s place. I asked him how many albums he had coming out that week.” Well, he’s releasing two-three per year, with his latest “Hello, Hi” available since July. (read more)

Nick Manson’s Saucerful of Secrets@ Cirque Royal, Brussels BE – 17 June 2022

The second European tour ever for Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets would have probably been their third if the following few years after their formation and first tour in 2018 wouldn’t have sunk into an oblivious pandemic lapse of time. At 78 and drumming as effortlessly as ever, Nick Mason is joined on stage by guitarist Lee Harris, the man who actually came up with the idea for the band, Dom Beken on keyboards and vocals, long-time bandmate Guy Pratt on bass and vocals and the guitar player and vocalist Gary Kemp. (read more)


Suede @ Cirque Royal, Brussels BE – 23 May 2022

Suede performed at the Cirque Royal Brussels their last show from the Coming Up tour, a 25th anniversary celebration of Suede’s 1996 classic, an album that produced five top ten singles, brought them worldwide success and sold over a million copies. Postponed once for pandemic reasons, the show was almost sold-out to a big enthusiastic crowd, many of them in official Suede merchandise, filling up the venue rapidly with excitement and eagerness, ready for the energetic show that was about to start. (read more)


The Guru Guru @ OLT Rivierenhof, Antwerp BE – 14 August 2021

The Guru Guru offered an engaging performance on 14 August in OLT Rivierenhof. They are from Belgium, have released two albums plus an amazing EP issued from the lockdown.

They instantly caught everyone’s attention with “Where’s my rum (isn’t it anywhere)” a great steady opener, with the right tempo and performed in perfect confidence. (read more)

Generator @KFK hope, Brussels (BE) – 25 April 2019

A new cool band in a new cool place in town. Generator performed at KFK hope in Brussels last Friday.  Generator is an instrumental trio and plays an original and dynamic fusion of noise/psychedelic/post rock, taking in all of these elements without belonging entirely in any one of them.

Their live performance is fully dynamic, intertwining technicality with delicate melody, rushing forward, holding down only to elegantly flow up again. (read more)

Kozfest 2017 @ Bobbie Watts Farm, Uffculme Devon UK

Kozfest – formerly known as Kozmik Ken’s Psychedelic Dream Festival – is something I wanted for a long time to attend but I guess some planets needed to align in order for me to be there. Set on a farm premises with a beautiful landscape, selling only 500 tickets for those who want to find themselves camping just next to their favorite artists, as the performers share the same grounds and attend concerts in the audience. It’s like any music fan’s dream, right? (read more)

DarkHorse and Little Black Dress Duo @Relevant Record Cafe, Cambridge UK – 15 July 2017

Cover bands, you either love them or hate them. They are even left behind their big sisters, tribute bands. But when we foolishly cast a negative connotation upon them, we often forget that, even before the emergence of Rock and Roll, what made music popular was the song not the band. The UK is soaked in music. Cambridge makes no exception and cover bands are a big part of the city’s live music scene. Each evening, you will find nice gigs in various venues. One of them is Relevant Record Cafe, a nice cafe with a record store at the basement and live music whenever needed. On Saturday 15 July, they hosted DarkHorse and Little Black Dress Duo. (read more)

Golden Gasoline and New Age of a French Stone @Rock Classic, Brussels BE – 29 April 2017

The partnership Rock Classic and Les Soirées Cerises is continuously bringing as much live music as possible in Brussels city’s night life. This Saturday, two French young and very talented bands went on the small but alive stage at 55 Rue du Marché au Charbon.

I have to say, it’s very nice to see young bands that do not base their inspiration on recycling the alternative music of late 90s but use the retro-inspired territories to bring something de très original. (read more)

Terminal Cheesecake and Blown Out @Magasin4, Brussels BE – 30 March 2017

How could anyone not be curious about a band named Terminal Cheesecake… Formed in 1988, they took their name from a list of fictional sixties bands written by the Bevis Frond’s Nick Saloman. They ceased activity in 1995 and reunited in 2013 with Neil Francis from Gnod as vocalist and released first a live album (Cheese Brain Fondue) and then their first studio recording in more than 20 years, Dandelion Sauce of the Ancients in 2016. Mentioning such band history might not be that sexy in a music scene full of new and talented groups, but it’s worth doing for Terminal Cheesecake if only to point out that despite their wonderful past, they are not here just as one of those band reunions seeking again attention, even if they are completely entitled to the best nowadays awareness.  (read more)

MASSIS @Pianofabriek, Brussels – 17 March 2017

It’s been 3 years since I first saw MASSIS opening for Soulfy in Het Depot on 9 March 2014. And they become one of those bands that I would gladly see live each time they perform, if possible. Since then, they have kept themselves busy on the even busiest music scene of Belgium, with concerts all over the place, from Leuven to Gent, releasing an album and working on new songs. Their line-up changed a bit and has been enhanced with new sounds, with new members that brought on the stage of Pianofabriek a MASSIS better than ever. (read more)

Tinariwen @Ancienne Belgique – AB, Brussels BE – 17 March 2017

Tinariwen emerged almost 40 years ago, from a military camp of the great desert, bringing out a new style of music. Their have been preaching for the search of peace during the rebellion years of the 80s in Northern Africa, when Tinariwen was spread via audio cassette through the camps. But even after so many years, they continue their message about peace and life in their desert homeland, crossing frontier after frontier with their new albums. (read more)

Mark Lanegan Band @M-IDZOMER Leuven, BE 30 July 2016

DSC00174Mark Lanegan played day 3 of Leuven’s M-IDZOMER 2016 Festival, in the museum’s outdoor premises. Needless to say, the place became a magic garden tinged with melancholy and blues renaissance for a cathartic ritual of beating anguish with stillness. They left stage after one and half hour to return almost immediately for a respectable length encore. From ‘I am the Wolf’, written by Duke Garwood for Mark Lanegan, to ‘Methamphetamine Blues’, nobody wanted the music to stop. Because Mark Lanegan has that remarkable soulful voice that turns even your deepest nightmare into a lullaby and he preserves the energy at highest levels even on a vulnerable mournful statement. (read more)

The Midnight Ghost Train @ Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel BE – 19 June 2016

The Midnight Ghost TrainThe Midnight Ghost Train is one of those bands whose passion for music physically transcends into everything that happens on stage, in a visceral, intimate and energetic perfectly-performed groove. One live experience is enough to make you want to sell your soul just to hear them again.

(read more)

Insect Inside (NIRVANA Tribute band) @ Rock Classic – 27 May 2016

Insect InsideInsect Inside is a project born from the passion of two twins for Cobain’s music. They formed a four-member tribute band in 2011. But Insect Inside don’t try to copy Nirvana. They don’t look like Nirvana, they don’t dress like Nirvana, they don’t pretend to be Nirvana. And that was refreshing and, most of all, liberating. Without having to pay attention to all the details a tribute band would put in their replication effort, you actually get to pay more attention to the covered songs. Because, in the end, it was never about the shotgun or the drugs, it was always about the music. (read more)

PLASTICZOOMS (Jap) + Ulster Page (Fr) @ Rock Classic, Brussels BE – 21 May 2016

coverWhat was genuine in the alternative of the ‘90s, and not quite kept since then, was its emergence from an independent underground and the do-it-yourself philosophy. And finding bands today making alternative rock which don’t sound like “The” movement but are still rooted somehow in that era is a sign of revival but of a different one. Last Friday in Rock Classic Bar, Les Soirées Cerises Booking brought on stage together two different bands but with same DIY philosophy, plus the feeling that they are taking the alternative rock music from where Nirvana had left it. The feeling that alternative rock is not dead. (read more)

Trouble Agency and Eyes of the Insane @Rock Classic, Brussels – 13 May 2016

trouble agencyLast Friday, the partnership Rock Classic Bar and Les Soirées Cerises Booking presented again a full-house evening of powerful riffs: Trouble Agency, a Belgian band from the ‘90s, and a more recent with more international line-up but as well from Belgium, Eyes of the Insane.

Since its emergence in the ‘80s, Thrash metal gathered tons of fierce loyalty from listeners worldwide. A genre meant to be entirely about the music, with emphasis on instrumental virtuosity and lyrics and opposing to appearance and triviality.(read more)

Sick Of It All @Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain – 8 May 2016

sick of it allSick Of It All never broke up to reunite decades later and go into the reunion tours business. They went straight ahead on the hardcore highway for 30 years, releasing album after album and being on anniversary tours. This year, they are celebrating their 30th anniversary. And, with the help of the fans, which were requested to pick up the songs they wanted to hear live, they showed themselves sharper and healthier than ever and with a monumental setlist. (read more)

Motorpsycho @Het Depot, Leuven BE – 29 April 2016

MotorpsychoLive, Motorpsycho’s impressive catalogue and decades of activity invite to one thing: attending their concerts with an open mind. You won’t know what to expect anyway. And anyway you can’t go wrong with them. For the 2016 Tour, Motorpsycho prepared a setlist which incorporated their latest album in full. Here Be Monsters, an introspective journey back to the ‘60s psychedelic, was launched in February at Rune Grammofon and was followed by a 12″, Here Be Monsters Vol. 2. The live experience in Leuven, made possible by Het Depot and Orange Factory Belgium, came with lots of surprises in form of songs form their back catalogue.  (read more)

Krankschaft and vert:x @The Water Rats London – 23 April 2016

vert:xLast Saturday, Krankschaft and vert:x offered a perfect answer to life and the universe and everything, with an evening of great music in a lovely venue. The Water Rats is the place where the first UK gig of Bob Dylan took place, but also the first performance of The Pogues or the first London gig of Oasis. It has everything one may demand from a venue: terrace, pub, concert spot and, not at last, a great sound. (read more)

Suede @ Ancienne Belgique, Brussels BE – 6 February 2016

suede night thoughts live

In an attempt to better promote their latest releases, it became customary for bands to include live auditions in their tours. And playing latest albums in their entirely before playing a set of greatest hits has started to work out pretty well on the live scene today; especially for conceptual albums. But it mostly happens because the devoted fans have the patience and enough respect to watch their favourite band going through the latest material, even if, let’s be honest, nobody goes to a concert to listen to the new songs. But in early 2016, one band managed to change the game. Suede performed the ‘Night Thoughts’ in full, but they’ve chosen not to punish their fans; instead, they brought everyone in for a treat. (read more)

Henry Rollins was Charmingly Obstinate at Het Depot – 20 January 2016, Leuven, Belgium

henryrollins coverHenry Rollins cannot be evaluated by straightforward comedy criteria. He’s not a comedian … He’s a punk rock icon, musician, radio and TV host, activist, writer, journalist, actor, motivational speaker AND comedian. His funny side is thought-provoking; however he’s inspirational without being provocative. His humor is witty; however, his wittiness goes with the references. And there are tons of them, as he’s a hyperactive, eager and enthusiastic person. Just like his almost three-hour show about music, movies, life, traveling, universe and everything. Because when Henry Rollins tells a story, he tells the story from the beginning. (read more)

Zeni Geva (JAP) + USA Nails (UK) + Angakok (BE) @ Magasin 4, Brussels, Belgium – 25 October 2015


Zeni Geva define their music as progressive hardcore. Indeed, they cover the fundamentals of death growls and shouted lyrics, distorted guitar, fast and solid technical drumming. At the same time, they push the boundaries of this raw aesthetics, enriching it with specific features like shredding tremendous noise out a small guitar. (read more)

Opeth – 25th Anniversary Tour @ Ancienne Belgique, Brussels – 15 October 2015


For this year’s tour, Opeth combine their 25th anniversary of existence with the 10th anniversary of their classic album Ghost Reveries, in a concert featuring two different sets. Their live performance in Ancienne Belgique last Thursday confirmed an entire evening with Opeth and no opening act. (read more)

Carlton Melton + Alpha Whale @Magasin4, Brussels Belgium8 October 2015

Carlton Melton

There is not enough use of improvisation on the live music scene today. We have setlists and time schedules and defined contracts and nobody likes to pay for a jam session. As if we are living in a fast food society that likes to expected the expected. Carlton Melton plate the food differently. They were in Brussels in Magasin4 on 8 October. Support act, Alpha Whale. (read more)

Einstürzende Neubauten – ‘LAMENT’ live @ Ancienne Belgique, Brussels28 May 2015

Einstürzende Neubauten‘Lament’ is probably the most peculiar commemorative product for the outbreak of World War I. One hundred years after the critical Battle of the Yser, the Belgian town of Diksmuide – which was the site of that battle which reduced it to ruins in October 2014 – commissioned Einstürzende Neubauten for a live performance to mark event. The concept was taken into studio to become their first album in seven years. (read more)

MASSIS SHOWCASE (+ One Man Brawl) @ JH SOJO – 1 May 2015

massis erwinTo mark the release of their self-titled album, MASSIS channel their spirit live on a tour of generous diversity in dates and locations. The showcase took place on 1 May in Sojo, Leuven and added great music and lovely warm ambience to this public holiday. Special guests: One Man Brawl with Dennis Van Dyck, along with Vévé ‘Shake’ Mazimpaka and Esther Mondésir. (read more)

God Speed You! Black Emperor – Xylouris White @ Cirque Royal, Brussels – 29 April 2015

God Speed You! Black EmperorGod Speed You! Black Emperor is living proof that good things break through even without marketing exposure. After a 10 year hiatus, the Canadian post-rock band made their come back and launched an album in 2012 with a simple press-release. Despite their refusal of using the promotion channels of the nowadays music industry or with statements like ‘No singer, no leader, no interviews, no press photos.’, GY!BE not only continues to make wonderful music in 2015 but that music actually reaches people. To such extend that they sell out venues like Cirque Royal. (read more)

System of a Down @Ziggo Dome – Amsterdam NL – 17 April 2015

system of a down

Last Friday, Amsterdam was on the System of a Down’s map during their second tour after the 2010 reunion. Only that this is not an ordinary set of dates. ‘Wake Up the Souls’ Tour was designed to commemorate and raise awareness on the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide.  Considering the topic and having in mind another meaningful politically-engaged artistic project – Roger Waters’ The Wall, I expected a fully fledged course, as this tour was definitely meant to be more than just music. But what I did not consider enough was that unlike Waters, who had to adapt and insert the message into his masterpiece, SOAD have been the message themselves. (read more)

Rotting Christ @L’Escalier Café, Liège Belgium – 3 April 2015

01 rotting christ sakis-------What happened that evening was Rotting Christ proving that they are still strongly linked to the underground scene by taking the first third length of their career and putting it out there live, loudly and with passion. Every piece of their historical material can come to life straight away. And it only means that they indeed kept the spirit alive and fresher than ever, even 25 years later. (read more)

Mauro Pawlowski sings Houben @Ancienne Belgique – 31 March 2015

Mauro Pawlowski sings huben

An impressive show with inspired musicianship on all parts and with a great balance between craftsmanship and energy. A 100% Belgian product that definitely will bring many people back to the catalogue of Peter Houben, put Hamster Axis of the One Click Panther band’s carrier on fast forward and uplift the believe in Pawlowski’s creativity. (read more)

MAGNUS @ Ancienne Belgique, Brussels – 27 March 2015

Magnus band BelgiumAfter the absolute masterpiece ‘Keep You Close’, sequenced nine months after by ‘Following Sea’, the latest dEUS albums, Tom Barman takes a break from writing personal and deeply dramatic music and resurrects the electro project with CJ Bolland. Under the name of Magnus, they have released only two albums in 10 years, but their signature is sufficient to any event they put forward. Given Barman’s creative force, which remains a constant through the diversity of any style his genius might fancy to approach, a setlist mixing songs from 2004 and 2014 was definitely something to witness live. (read more)

Of Mice & Men + The Amity Affliction + Volumes @ Ancienne Belgique, Brussels – 24 March 2015

omm 1On 24 March, Ancienne Belgique hosted a show in which the Belgian audience reached the level of being the main act. On that evening, Brussels simply ruled over Los Angeles, Brisbane and Orange County. Volumes, The Amity Affliction and Of Mice and Men found themselves disarmed by the wonderful attitude of their fan base, which exceeded any expectations. (read more)


cover micOn March 13, the Liège-based independent label Honest House celebrated its tenth anniversary in Brussels with an exclusive mini-festival featuring four of their signing artists. The Rotonde venue of Botanique welcomed us with smoke on stage, good music and a feeling of being among friends. The party started a little bit later than announced, with Umungus, followed by Taïfun, Benoît Lizen and ended in force four hours later with Frank Shinobi. (read more)

Orenda Fink @Witloof Bar (Botanique) Brussels – 21 January 2015

orenda fink

Per total, a great performance for which the audience paid its respect calling for encore. And we were spoiled with two more beautiful songs. Afterwards, they were still called back for more, but the concert had come to an end. Even though a bond was created there, definitely 50 minutes were not enough. (read more)

Finale du Concours Circuit @ Botanique, Brussels – 20 December 2014

mambo2Concours Circuit, one of the Belgian competitions for young talented bands, took place this Saturday, December 20 in Botanique. Five finalists, which previously won eliminatory and semi-final phases, battled in the final with short concerts, each of 30 minutes, alternatively on Rotonde and Orangerie. At the end, a jury chose the winner. (read more)

ZU, Morkobot and [sic] @ Magasin4, Brussels Belgium – 4 December 2014

zu lucaJohn Zorn described ZU as creating ‘a powerful and expressive music that totally blows away what most bands do these days’. The Italian trio – Jacopo Battaglia (drums), Massimo Pupillo (bass) and Luca T. Mai (saxophone) – formed in the late ‘90s after having worked together as composers and players for local theaters. Since then, they have been escaping to any labeling and still being mathcore, jazz, noise, metal, punk, no-wave at the same time, in a unbroken effort of finding a each time new self-definition. But even though their music defies any categorization and moves along the borders of any genre, they brought the most industrial sound of the evening. (read more)

Billy Idol & The Dough Rollers @Cirque Royale, Brussels – 19 November 2014

DSC04649“Dancing with myself”, “she want more, more, more…”, “rock the cradle of looove” … it’s enough to utter his name and all these riffs come into your mind instantly. He has started his career in the late ‘70s, emerging from the British punk scene for which he was too sexy, too impetuous, and probably too shallow for the socially-engaged attitude of those times. If we judge him by the punk esthetics, of course. But if we were to judge him by the standards of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll life style, there’s no difference between him and Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop and many others of which we keep asking ourselves each time they go again on tour: gosh, how come they are still alive? (read more)

Jack White @Forest National, Brussels – 16 November 2014


 I like Jack White. I like his tenacity in becoming an original individual in fields where many others had stepped before and become famous – guitar, rock-blues, jumping from one personal project to another. These grounds were so plowed, so seeded and highly cultivated that it’s almost difficult to imagine that he could resist in and keep going. And turning out to be the artist with a number 1 album in the Vinyl Albums charts in anno domini 2014. (read more)

VAZ (US) + POINO (UK) + IT IT ANITA (BE) @Magasin4, Brussels – 26 October 2014

vaz drummer

When Hammerhead dismantles in late 90s, Paul Erickson (bass and guitar) and Jeff Morridian Jr (drums) started Vaz. In the meantime, Hammerhead reunited, but Vaz still goes on, now in a trio formula. The two guitars layer each other. Paul Erickson’s guitar is a combination of bass and guitar, covering a wide sound range. Their sound is noise, but with a good balance between rawness and structure. (read more)

In Flames @Ancienne Belgique, Brussels Belgium – 15 October 2014

in flames 1

In Flames set Ancienne Belgique on fire again this Wednesday, 15 October. An extended setlist, incredible lights show and a lot of action on stage for the Swedish band. This year they headline a tour to promote their new album “Sirens Charm”. Opening acts, While She Sleeps and Wovenwar. (read more)

 Japanese New Music Festival @Magasin 4, Brussels Belgium – 14 October 2014


The Japanese New Music Festival project started in 2003 after an idea of Tatsuya Yoshida. The concept: three protagonists multiplying themselves in no less than 8 different groups, playing either together or solo. And everything within 2 hours. An impressive line-up and at the same time a big challenge, one that was extremely well received in the previous 2010 European tour. (read more)

 Joseph + The Brise + MASSIS @ Rock Classic, Brussels – 27 September 2014


Les Soirées Cerises is organizing concerts around for quite some time now. Main features: talented newcomers, new groups, folk, rock and indie styles and an already famous “Entrée gratuite” undertaking. With an openly declared commitment to good music, Frédérick Bulté makes sure that things happen without a hitch. A great number of gigs are expecting their public almost everyday in various locations in Brussels. Many of them are hosted by Rock Classic, a stronghold for the rock music scene since ages already, building up the reputation of THE place to try out new bands, present new talents or promote albums. (read more)

The Bootleg Beatles @Ancienne Belgique, Brussels – 26 September 2014

jl cvI mean, it’s clear: they are not The Beatles, you know they aren’t because you’re an intelligent person, emotionally stable, who doesn’t fall for a cheap act of Beatles revival or is searching for a pathetic and melancholic come back of what you felt when you first heard the band. But actually, the fact of being aware of all these things is raising their share price. They sounds like The Beatles, are dressed like them, talk like them, copy their gestures, accents and even “Paul McCartney” is left-handed for God’s sake! And however they manage not just to avoid the ridiculousness that one might expect, but to create a very authentic postmodernist act. (read more)

SWANS – public interview and concert @Ancienne Belgique, Brussels – 25 September

DSC02717Borderline catharsis and auto-mutilation, irresistible nevertheless, “Frankie M” was opening the set. The introduction was developed into a recurrent and persistent phrase which stoned the audience for half an hour. It seemed almost never-ending and casted a feeling of desperation in the air, until the bass line of “A Little God in my Hands” announced a totally different continuation, funkier, more vocal, still at a double length than on the record. Gira’s voice is just another added layer, moaning on “A Little God in My Hand” or deceivingly shouting on the “Just a Little Boy.” No projections, no lights show, just continuous sound and energy coming from the stage. Very long tracks of repetitive rhythms circularly combined and played extremely loud like an exorcising ritual of calling out for unquiet spirits. The closing track “Black Hole Man,” highlighted altogether the highpoints in which the entire show was soaking. (read more)

The Cosmic Dead @ Café Central Bruxelles – 22 September

thecosmicdead1Without fancy lights or projections, without extravagant outfits, unconventional instruments or eccentric stage posing, The Cosmic Dead are an incredible live show. Psychedelic jams coming and going in waves with amazing energy level. The heavy sound is dosed and repetitively served in portions seasoned with reverb synthesized voice samples produced live. Everything starts in a seductive slow and weighty floating to expand into a stormy sound wall by adding layer after layer of cosmic texture. No way to escape the trance. And mind blowing. (read more)

Tuxedomoon & Georgio Valentino @Het Depot, Leuven Belgium – 21 September 2014

Tuxedomoon-blrThe setlist abounded of their unmistakable and prolific style, from minimal samples of violin, clarinet of bass to ample harmonies. Songs of their latest production Pink Narcissus, firstly performed live as a new score for the 1971 cult film Pink Narcissus by James Bidgood. Dorian made an excellent ouverture. Other songs are already among favorite live choices, many figuring on their latest live production – Liveland: Tuxedomoon In Concert, recorded in Bucharest, Romania: Nervous Guy, Still Small Voice, Time to Loose. (read more)

BECK @Forest National, Brussels – 10 September 2014

UntitledAn astrology enthusiast could tell you that people born under the sun sign of Cancer have the quality to bring along a comfortable and familiar feeling simply by their presence and right from the moment they enter a room. Whether one believes or not in astrology, Beck’s presence warmed up the (sometimes too often) hostile, large and cold Forest National venue, on 10 September. (read more)

Philip H. Anselmo and The Illegals@AB Club, Brussels – 16 June 2014

phil_1It has been always an honor to be in the same room with Phil Anselmo. The greatest front man of the metal music history, already a legend at only 45, Anselmo is the very straightforward definition of old school, which he is not afraid to spread out. But his old school style was never, is not and will never be old-fashioned. So it was a bit strange to see that the Brussels concert of his latest project tour – Philip H. Anselmo and The Illegals – was scheduled in a location of only … 250 people capacity. And this, right after he performed at Nova Rock and coming straight from Download festival! No further need to mention that the gig was sold-out. (read more)

Wovenhand & Flying Horsema@Ancienne Belgique Brussels- 6 June 2014

wovenhand1Even though the Wovenhand concert was not entirely sold-out, there was a good big crowd eager to see it live. Many listeners of 16 Horsepower, a band which is still as alive as possible in the collective memory of David Eugene Edwards fan base. But if there were a spoiler alert for concerts, in this case it would be: beware, this is the heaviest and darkest Wovenhand version you’ve ever heard. (read more)

Gary Clark Jr. & The DeVilles@Ancienne Belgique Brussels – 30 May 2014

gary clark1On 30 May 2014, AB proposed an exquisite show for a nice warm Friday evening: the Austin Texas singer/songwriter Gary Clark Jr. and the Belgian band The DeVilles.

It was with great excitement that Gary Clark Jr. was expected to come back in AB Brussels and I could say that by the enthusiasm of the audience formed mostly of young people. Were they there for the blues, for the Grammy awards winner or for the “next Jimi Hendrix” as Clark was called by the New York Times? (read more)

Motorpsycho @VK, Brussels – 29 May 2014

motorpsycho4Motorpsycho’s performance on 29 May in VK Brussels followed a pre-defined structure: two parts, acoustics and electric. And this was pretty much everything one could predict on the show. All the rest was a constant crescendo which lasted for almost 3 hours, during which everybody’s limits were pushed outside any comfort zone. Slowly but firmly guided by the genuine charm and kindness of Bent Sæther (always amazing me on this one, how come it’s even possible to rock out so hard and still send out the most soothing vibes!), the guitar wizardry and ingenuity of Hans Magnus ’Snah’ Ryan, the awesomeness and at the same time the modesty of their guest and friend Reine Fiske and last but not least, Kenneth Kapstad’s exquisite art of drumming. (read more)

MASSIS (be) + OFF THE CHARTS (be) + CRAZY ARM (uk) @ SOJO CLUB, Leuven – 18 May 2014

massis2Last Sunday, Funtime Concerts&Records put together a nice show in Sojo, Leuven. Two things made me attend the concerts: one of them was the enthusiastic slogan Funtime has on their website: “Welcome to all those who still believe in alternative music as a counterculture. A scene of people, willing to communicate, without judging to fast and with a strong focus on discovering new aspects of life.” which is quite an open-minded opinion. The other reason was MASSIS. (read more)

Anthony Joseph & Roselien @Botanique Rotonde Brussels – 18 April 2014

1597704_1486299218250538_247927731577554074_oVW Spring Sessions festival is recognized for putting together a variety of styles with artists less known in the mainstream zone, bringing each year a line-up of extreme quality. The concert of Anthony Joseph was no exception. (read more)

Admiral Freebee @Ancienne Belgique, Brussels – 13 March 2014

Admiral Freebee © JP Daniels

Two concerts for Admiral Freebee it Ancienne Belgique this March: one sold out and an extra show almost full house, promoting a new album and a respectable come back after 4 years of recording silence.

Six other musicians on the stage to keep up with his admirable energy: Tim Coenen (guitar), Senne Guns (keyboards), Martin Moesen (drums) and Jasper Hautekiet (bass). Plus the saxophonist Marc De Maes and the trumpeter Yves Fernandez, to add a big band flavor to this particular context. (read more)

The Veils @Botanique Orangerie, Brussels – 12 March 2014

THE_VEILS_4Exactly when I was thinking that the sound of the concert was very good in Orangerie that evening and appreciating the fascinating and hypnotic vocals of Finn Andrew, he announced that he had to cancel the previous night show in London due to the collapse of his voice. This could have been the reason for which the show was not sold out in Brussels, people might have thought the performance will lack some brightness because of that but, believe it or not, it was a good recovering, he did not spare his vocal chords this time. (read more)

Soulfly & Massis @Het Depot, Leuven – 9 March 2014

Soulfy © JP Daniels

Soulfly kicked off with “Bloodshed” and “Cannibal Holocaust” and it took impressively little for the audience to start the circle pit and crowd chaos, which was continuously encouraged by Max Cavalera throughout the entire show: move around, stand up, put you hands in the air, everybody scream! The connection with the public was instant and continuous. But both sides were equally looking for it: Max Cavalera was smiling in contentment each time he got a response in lyrics, chanting, gestures from the fans. The audience was jumping, screaming, fighting at his smallest sign. „Um, dois, três, quatro!” Old school ambiance, at its best. (read more)

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Eric Chenaux @Botanique Orangerie, Brussels – 27 February 2014

6Efrim Menuck is a well known musician of the Canadian experimental rock scene. Well known for making music that matters far beyond the marketed scene, actually having nothing to do with such concept. Godspeed You! Black Emperor, his other project, released an album two years ago which came instantly into the spotlight of fans although it was done with no publicity and occurred after no less than 10 years break. Just a recognition that what matters lies somewhere else than in the advertising budget. (read more)

Hanggai & Low Wormwood @Ancienne Belgique, Brussels – 17 February 2014

1559359_1468035080076952_1982405302_oaaaWhile Low Wormwood is dark, deep and serious, Hanggai is more fun. But not less meaningful or more commercial. Glorious folk music blended with rock. The story goes that after hearing throat singing for the first time, the singer went to a journey to Mongolia to discover his heritage and met his band colleagues there. Throat singing, traditional instruments, adaptations of Mongolian folk songs and outfits of men of the steppes even though they live in the metropolis of Beijing.

Seven people on stage, bringing together drums and bass and electric guitar with traditional instruments, where, besides mandolin and Chinese guitars, the most powerful and the star of the band was the horse-hair fiddle morin khuur. (read more)


Rockvonk Finals 2013 @Het Depot, Leuven Belgium- 7 December 2013

RockvonkRockvonk 2013 presented the Grand Finale at Het Depot on 7 December, hosted by Erika Van Tielen and with the participation of The Devilles, winners of the 2011 edition. The seven finalists, chosen out of 95 demos and 12 semi-finalists, were: Esther & Fatou, Sea Peoples, ShyLips, Five Days, Barefoot and The Shoes, Fools and Dirty Lovers and PolarJacket. Quite different styles, leveled out only by the strict time interval of acting: rock, pop, electro, folk, acoustics, hard rock and disco, everything in 5 hours of quality program.  (read more)

Girls Against Boys & Joy as a Toy @ Atelier 210, Brussels – 5 December 2013

DSC_1059Scott McCloud set the tone of the ambiance in one phrase, when he recalled the time of the 90s and their concerts in similar theaters venues in New York with an intimate and devoted public. He has that rock respect attitude towards the audience, talking to it, showing gratitude for their participation and even asking the permission of singing one more song from their self-released new album, The Ghost List. No need for such thing as Diamond Life, 60 Is Greater Then 15 or Let’s Get Killed are quite good songs. They fit perfectly in a setlist with jewelries like Bulletproof Cupid and Kill The Sexplayer. (read more)

Uncle Acid and the deadbeats (UK) & Briqueville (BE) @Ancienne Belgique, Brussels – 29 November 2013

a Briqueville 6Uncle Acid and the deadbeats with Briqueville as opening act is probably the best concert I’ve been to this year. With Briqueville, probably the best discovery in years. And if I have to choose a keyword for the entire experience, that would be “mystery”. (read more)



UZ JSME DOMA 2Under the name of “FAIRY TALES FROM YAWIQUO – curious night fever”, Magasin 4 presented indeed a intriguing line-up: from Czech Republic – Už Jsme Doma, from Japan – Ruins Alone, Ono Ryoko and  Sax Ruins and from France, L’Oeillère.  A mini-festival of five names. I got into little trouble in choosing the order in which I should present the bands, as all of them were stand-alone concerts, no openings or support groups. (read more)

Už Jsme Doma

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds & Fifty Foot Combo @Madame Moustache, Brussels – 20 November 2013

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds 3

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds is built around Brian Tristan, an underground legend difficult to pigeon-hole. He is far from what you would think of him if you knew he was the president of The Ramones fan club in 1976, was the founder ofThe Gun Club, and played in The Cramps or with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. (read more)

METZ and Cheatahs @Rotonde Botanique Brussels – 2 November 2013

METZ_ 20131102_23556)Both bands have something in common: on the albums there is a sound with easy-to-follow traces of melody, nicely integrated into stronger harmonies. Live, they take their performance even more seriously. You can feel the joy of playing together, being more sharpen up (Cheatahs) or louder (METZ), refusing to conform to technical restrictions of the recording process and refusing just to be another group successful in replicating the album sound. (read more)

Mark Lanegan and Special Guests, Duke Garwood and Lyenn @Studio 4 Flagey Brussels – 30 October 2013

DSC00392With artists like Mark Lanegan it’s never about career, virtuosity, contribution to music history or performance stage settings. But he is not a specialist in shining darkness or chasing demons away either. He has a voice so authentic and sincere that makes the need for absurd fantastic fairytales to fade. He’s the reason for which sadness makes sense. He’s simply disarming. (read more)

Japanese Avant-garde Journey in Brussels, Part 3 – Acid Mothers Temple

acid_mt4Acid Mothers Temple are by their origins a group of psychedelic music. By performance, they blend in multiple influences in the attempt to build psychedelic trips which would freak-out the nowadays audience. The result of their career and life philosophy is materialized in more than 40 albums in the last past 10 years with many band reincarnations.  (read more)

Public Image LTD (PiL) @Ancienne Belgique, Brussels – 24 October 2013 

pil smallOn 24 October 2013 Ancienne Belgique gave the floor to Public Image Limited, in a concert being part of Dub Be Good to Me, a series celebrating the 45th birthday of dub. But according to John Lydon, PiL was never a dub band. And it’s true. Their reunion took place in 2009, but it was never about resuming something left 20 years ago, Lydon is far more original than that. PiL is about getting together different backgrounds and opening up to diversity in the most solid advocacy for the originality of the human being. (read more)

Japanese Avant-garde Journey in Brussels, Part 2 – KK Null and The Noiser

KK Null and The NoiserKK Null and The Noiser were building narrative rhythms and vibes from waves, clashes and motion beats. The loud sound kept us to a considerable distance from stereos but the noise texture was so attractive, engaging us into a magnetic environment which was pulling us back. (read more)

Japanese Avant-garde Journey in Brussels: Part 1 – Tatsuya Yoshida

Ruins Alone - Tatsuya YoshidaTatsuya Yoshida is described by John Zorn as ‘indisputable master drummer of the Japanese underground’. The same artist is made responsible by Eugene Chadbourne for ‘having spearheaded at least a half dozen of Japan’s most important groups’ and has been a constant presence on the rock Japanese scene since the ‘80s. (read more)

The Melvins: Big Business and Melvins Lite@VK* Club, Brussels BE – 24 April 2013

20130301-123116-204286“Hello music lovers! I am Buzz and I play in The Melvins. He is Dale and plays in … The Melvins. This is Trevor Dunn and he as well plays in The Melvins.” Words of wisdome from a typical speech of Buzz Osborne, musician of a total independent style, the mentor and friend of Kurt Cobain, founder of Fantômas and of course The Melvins, band quoted as big influence by any grunge band, but also for Tool or Mastodon. (read more)

 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @Ancienne Belgique, Brussels – 1 April 2013

BRMC-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, whose name is taken from the movie The Wild One (1953, Marlon Brando), is a trio from San Francisco, California, formed in 1998. They have released 7 albums: first in 2001, the latest this year. Maybe that’s why their journalistic descriptions are made using the terms of the 2000s: revival, neo-psychedelic, neo-folk, and cite among their influences Oasis, The Verve and former bands as The Brian Jonestown Massacre. The concert left me a different impression. One of rock’n roll.(read more)

 Swans @ Sonic City în Kortrijk, Belgia – 02 December 2012

swansThe persistence on repetitions is irresistible. Gira not only that orchestrates what is happening on stage, but he’s pushing, even with specific physical gestures, in an indescribable shamanic effort, all the energy towards the public. (read more)

Public Image Ltd. @ Concorde 2, Brighton UK – 15 August 2012

PiL_brighton_15_augustIt was neither a reunion concert nor a concert to promote the new album, it was a live performance meant to reach the public, no matter how steady or changed the public was. And this is what I admire at Lydon, who was never a prisoner of the past – he played for today’s public, the public in which he never lost faith. He played for an audience “who knows exactly what is doing”, as he said at the end. (read more)

The Computers and The K. @ Witloof Bar Botanique, Brussels BE – 11 January 2012

the_k.-img1Witloof Botanique Club reminds me why I considerably deserted the big concerts venues. A veritable underground club, a brick-walled basement, not very big. Perfect for attending a concert with your friends on a weekday. Even better if it’s a punk music show. (read more)

God Is An Astronaut @ VK*, Brussels BE – 3 November 2011

GIAAPost-rock is a very fashionable style nowadays, which I have discovered relatively recent and of which I know little about. But no matter how many references I would have received or how much I would have listened to it, I knew I had to go to a concert to really feel what it was about. Had the same feeling with Motorpsycho and Porcupine Tree, without making any comparison between styles and bands. When God Is An Astronautannounced a concert inBrussels, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for that. (read more)

Roger Waters – The Wall Live @ Sportpaleis Anvers, Belgium 27 mai 2011

the wallAlthough it keeps a strong classic key, this Wall cannot be compared with Pink Floyd’s performance of 30 years ago, nor with the even in Berlin. And this despite the fact that “Hey You” is still sung behind by a complete wall, giant inflate puppets still dominate the room, the pig still appears in “Run Like Hell”, the animation is the same genius signature of Gerald Scarf, and yes, the wall is torn down at the end for the band to play “Outside the Wall.” (read more)

Joe Satriani @Cirque Royal, Brussels BE – 30 October 2010

satriani1If you know and love his music, grab a ticket for a show, first chance you get. You won’t be disappointed. If you don’t, go anyway, you’ll be blown away. But go to listen to him, not to watch him. And don’t expect to be banging your head an jumping around: this is musical gastronomy, to be enjoyed as a special treat and dazzle your ears with hitherto unknown flavours, not a cathartic venting of collective emotions. This is an outstanding display of musical prowess from someone who is either a mutant or has sold his soul to the devil – not a metaphorical punch in the face. (read more)

Lokerse Festival @ Lokeren, Belgium – 1 August 2010. The“Metal Day”: Anthrax – Life of Agony – Panic Cell – Papa Roach

anthraxBelgium is a country full of festivals, all you need is find your music in one of them and some good company. I must say I had both on 1 August at Lokerse Festival, a ten-day summer festival in Lokeren, Belgium, which took place for the first time in 1975, presenting over the years big names as Sisters of Mercy, Iggy & The Stooges, Madness, Sex Pistols, Simple Minds, The Cure. I attended only one day, the “metal day” as one of my friends called it, to see Anthrax, Life of Agony, Panic Cell and Papa Roach. (read more)


For very many people, 2010 Sonisphere is synonymous with “The Big Four” – the 4 most famous thrash bands together in the same festival – which made it the biggest attraction of this metal summer. But few may know that Sonisphere is held just for the second time ever, that it’s the only European itinerant festival, and what sets it apart it is a core group of bands touring together through different countries.

Sonisphere Festival DAY THREE @ Romexpo, Bucharest, ROMANIA – 25-27 June 2010  – THE UNMIXABLE MIX

AICWe left aside the alternative metal only to get prepared for some really high quality grunge with Alice in Chains. If someone told me that I am allowed to see only one band of the line-up, I would have chosen AIC without a doubt. Mayve there were not many people there especially for them, but those were very dedicated. I saw people crying, people who could not believe their eyes, people with stupid smiles on their faces… For anyone who lived its teen years in the 90s, it was an honour to be there in front of them. (read more)

Sonisphere Festival DAY TWO @ Romexpo, Bucharest, ROMANIA – 25-27 June 2010 – THE BIG FOUR

metallicaAnd here it comes the moment everybody was waiting for, Metallica. Metallica Live! I think Creeping Death is a good song to start with, as it goes very well after The Ecstasy of Gold Intro, which announced the four metal cowboys on the stage. The over two hours performance felt like seconds!

Before starting Sad But True, Hetfield gave a small speech dedicating the song to all the bands forming the Big Four. Then he tested the public knowledge inciting us to sing the first lines of the song. (read more)

Sonisphere Festival DAY ONE @ Romexpo, Bucharest, ROMANIA – 25-27 June 2010 – MISSION STATEMENT

Orphaned LandThe festival reaches Romania during the week-end of 25-27 June, at the same time with the one in Turkey. The programme announced a line-up of 15 bands, despite the cancellation of Heaven and Hell and Mastodon, but with the Big Four, to the delight of an entire country. Still, the big names didn’t stop there: Rammstein was to perform for the first time in Romania. And the first day was supposed to have Manowar as headliners. (read more)

Rage Against the Machine @ GelreDome, Arnhem NL – 09 June 2010

Rage_Against_The_Machine_005On 10 June, Rage Against the Machine reached Holland with their 2010 Tour. The Battle of Arnhem was one of the only six European dates they had for this year and took place in GelreDome, the largest Netherlands venue. The event announced them as headliners and Gallow, Gogol Bordello and Jane’s Addiction as Special Guests. (read more)

Stone Sour @ AB, Bruxelles BE – 14 June 2010

STONE SOURFriends’ positive discussions about Stone Sour’s shows, the fact that they’re quite promoted on mainstream radio stations and their strong and coherent sound made me very curious about them, so I decided to see them live even if their melodic accents dissolves a little bit of what I like about the metal sound. (read more)

Garcia plays Kyuss @ Vooruit, Ghent, Belgium – 29 May 2010

GARCIAIf you like Kyuss, if you like stoner, if you love enjoying a live concert where music comes your way because it’s played well and from the heart and if you go to the concert with the idea “I’m gonna hear Kyuss, never thought I would ever reach this moment!”, the concert was a good one! (read more)