Insect Inside (NIRVANA Tribute band) @ Rock Classic, Brussels BE – 27 May 2016

Cover bands are a tricky subject; you hate them or love them, despise them or enjoy them, all based on personal grounds which can easily differ from band to band. I’m a huge Nirvana fan, still I don’t enjoy bands that copycat them, while at the same time I shamelessly enjoy The Bootleg Beatles.

aLive ReportsInsect Inside is a project born from the passion of two twins for Cobain’s music. They formed a four-member tribute band in 2011. But Insect Inside don’t try to copy Nirvana. They don’t look like Nirvana, they don’t dress like Nirvana, they don’t pretend to be Nirvana. And that was refreshing and, most of all, liberating. Without having to pay attention to all the details a tribute band would put in their replication effort, you actually get to pay more attention to the covered songs. Because, in the end, it was never about the shotgun or the drugs, it was always about the music.

aLive ReportsThe drumming keeps Grohl’s hard-hitting drumming style as this is the element that has to trigger the energy, while the guitar affords now and then its own sounds and solos and it’s probably the headless bass’ sound that revamps the entire thing into a gig of its own. I wouldn’t say that the voice is imitating Cobain’s but I would say it belongs to the same register. Maybe not used at full capacity, it managed to give real goosebumps on Rape Me or Serve the Servants.

aLive ReportsSmells Like Teen Spirit inevitably recalled the times of watching the video on MTV, also thanks to the audience, which did a great job at replicating the ambiance. Well, except for some occasional pushing around which was not quite necessary.

aLive ReportsOne hour passed quickly and after an “On continue?” they played one of the best version song of the evening, (New Wave) Polly, the Polly’s version from Insecticide. There was also a moment on a different note when a guest went on stage. The evening ended with an explosive D7 followed by a minimalist version of My Girl, vocals and guitar only, exquisite enough to bring the goosebumps back.


Molly’s Lips /// Breed /// Come As You Are /// Lithium /// School /// In Bloom /// Polly /// About a Girl /// Rape Me /// Been a Son /// Sliver /// Territorial Pissings /// Drain You /// Dumb /// Aneurysm /// Serve the Servants /// Penny Royal Tea /// Smells Like Teen Spirit

Encore (New Wave) Polly /// D7 /// My Girl

Insect Inside – (New Wave) Polly live in Rock Classic – 27/05/2016

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Insect Inside

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