The Midnight Ghost Train @ Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel BE – 19 June 2016

It may be hard to be the first band on the last day of a festival. Graspop Metal Meeting had two heavy busy days on Friday and Saturday, with plenty of concerts to attend and plenty of bad weather as well. Fortunately, the first band of Sunday, scheduled a bit after 11am, was exactly what needed to begin a new day: a boost of energy.

The Midnight Ghost Train The Midnight Ghost Train is a stoner rock band blended with southern rock and heavy blues. They love to play live more than anything and you can feel that from the first riffs. The entire gig was a slalom through slow, deconstructed signatures and rough, aggressive rhythms, but the coherence and steadiness was amazing. Sludgy riffs, harsh vocals, groovy drumming and tossing bass, everything jamming together like a menacing engine steaming out pure energy.

DSC09522On top of it, Steve Moss as vocal and guitar impresses with his mad-frontman presence.  A powerful gospel-like performance, on a personal subject, in a continuous crescendo, was beyond any possible description, sincere art.

The Midnight Ghost Train is one of those bands whose passion for music physically transcends into everything that happens on stage, in a visceral, intimate and energetic perfectly-performed groove. One live experience is enough to make you want to sell your soul just to hear them again.



The Midnight Ghost Train @ Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel BE – 19 June 2016

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Author: ywannish