Sick Of It All @Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain – 8 May 2016

Sick Of It All never broke up to reunite decades later and go into the reunion tours business. They went straight ahead on the hardcore highway for 30 years, releasing album after album and being on anniversary tours. This year, they are celebrating their 30th anniversary. And, with the help of the fans, which were requested to pick up the songs they wanted to hear live, they showed themselves sharper and healthier than ever and with a monumental setlist.

13116192_1067043193356021_7426279826789829737_oTake the Night Off, Good Lookin’ Out, Injustice System, Potential for a Fall, Scratch the Surface, Die Alone, World Full of Hate, Sanctuary, Us vs. Them, Friends Like You, Step Down, Uprising Nation … everything was there. They also played songs from their latest ‘The Last Act of Defiance’, like DNC. When Lou asked if there were any people to attend a SOIA show for the very first time, few hands were raised. The place was packed with fairly young people but already old school fans.

13131443_1067043203356020_8270946662858863598_oOnce they made their appearance on stage, the crowd went alive and crazy. This band is exactly like their machete… untouchable by anything, not even time. Pete Koller keeps spinning around, running from side to side of the stage and switching places with the amazing Craig Setari as if years did nothing to him. Drummer Armand Majidi kept the heaviness and fastness of the rhythm right in place. In my view, Lou Koller is the most charismatic vocal of all times for the simple reason that he stays all positive, unruffled and so at ease on stage, despite the anger, power and magnitude of the music. He’s a good guy and never went for the bad guy image just because he played hardcore. Highly authentic.

13147371_1067043036689370_5780447461942406883_oThere was no song received without reaction and enthusiasm. There was no need to insist on asking feedback. The moshpit was there, spreading around and collapsing within, the loud sing-a-longs, the stage-dive … A most authentic hardcore show, which was guarded to stay that way. When a guy in the audience started pushing around people with no other intention than hurting them, Lou stopped the show. ‘That’s not nice … That’s not cool! This is all for fun! We are here to have some fun!’ he said, asking politely for the guy to be thrown out.

The last song was Built to Last, the best conclusion and probably the answer of their ceaseless energy and longevity. ‘Thank you for these fucking 30 years! Thank you for the life you’ve given us!’ The concert in Razzmatazz was the last in the second European Tour series this year. They will come back in June to be present on festivals stages.

SICK OF IT ALL – 30th anniversary tour – Live Barcelona Full Set 08/05/2016

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Author: ywannish