The Guru Guru @ OLT Rivierenhof, Antwerp BE – 14 August 2021

The Guru Guru offered an engaging performance on 14 August in OLT Rivierenhof. They are from Belgium, have released two albums plus an amazing EP issued from the lockdown.

They instantly caught everyone’s attention with “Where’s my rum (isn’t it anywhere)” a great steady opener, with the right tempo and performed in perfect confidence.

Their song writing is complex without being overthought, with a high degree of consistency in sound, no matter if they play slower pieces on acoustics like “Am I Singing Aren’t I” or faster rhythms like “Honestly (I don’t feel like dancing)”. They can also deliver heavy riffs and exquisite melanges of noise, math rock and progressive metal tracks, as their endeavours are the results of group efforts and common creative collaboration. Their poetry deals in a wide rage of multi-layered emotions and points at the difficulty to control them. Onstage, the lyrics are backed up by a wittingly artful performance and singing.

Back Door” not only nicely ended their show, but was also the perfect match for the opening song, rounding off their performance.  A perfect set in high energy, articulated and full of craftmanship.

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Author: ywannish