… if Santa was a music lover …

… he would bring everyone more music like this.

Happy winter holidays!


Sendelica – Motorik Jam (Live at Crabstock 2014, Fruits de Mer label)

vert:x – space junk (from now to now 2017, The Weird Beard label)

ash magna – neon krishna f.m. (Sun’s Bold Arc 2017, self-released)

The Sonic Shamen – Freaky R&R (Tribute to Lemmy 2017, Space Rock Productions)

7shades – This is not a song (Bursting 2016, self-released)

beastfish – mollusc (bandcamp, self-released)

Georgio ‘the Dove’ Valentino – Satyros Ironykos (Satyros Ironykos 2017, self-released)

Radament – Danza Mecánica (Radament 2017, self-released)

Firefang – Crazy (Firefang 2017, self-released)

BODA BODA – The Pillow, the Stairs and the Wet White Hair (The Greatest Hits 2016, self-released)

Dead Otter – Pathfinder (Pathfinder 2016, self-released)

Glasgow Coma Scale – Sonda (Enter Oblivion 2016, Fluttery Records)

Manescape – Beautiful Agony (Antibodies 2017, Rebel Rockers)

by Landslide and SavageEarthHeart

Author: ywannish