ALBUM REVIEW: Firefang – Firefang

by ywannish

Everybody likes upgrades. Every one likes novelty, original styles, new values to bring that feeling of being moved forward. The struggle is everywhere around; still, it’s difficult to reinvent the wheel without reverting to old elements. But nevertheless, in a sea of imitation and instances belonging to an already existing music field, some bands manage to design their own universe using nothing but the finest essences of their inspirations and raising the matter of musical coherence above everything. The eponymous LP of Firefang shows a great deal of influences without being a tribute to any genre and moves ahead with enthusiasm and self-assurance.

Firefang are garage-grunge trio from Gent, Belgium, with distorted electric guitar, socially engaged lyrics, screaming out vocals and stoner blues elements. Fast as punk, desolated like blues, loud as rock’n’roll, Firefang smells like grunge spirit to anyone prone simultaneously to vulnerability and power. The album is loud no matter if the songs are mid-tempos or bursting out of the stereos.

The vocals are a very special treat, ranging from frenzied aggression ( like on ‘Crazy’ or on the excellent track ‘Nothing’) to soothing harmony (‘I Sing I Sing’ or ‘In a Home’). So it’s the guitar resonance, impossible to neglect in the overall sound. The dynamic of the songwriting is both creative and charming, with perfect rhythmic shifts. And settling down for a favorite song can be a difficult task, each and every song is appealing. ‘Waiting List’ is a best example of bringing together so many various elements and influences in a coherent and original approach. ‘One Day’ uses all the above mentioned items to the same effect. Same goes for ‘Everybody’s Right’. In fact, I have to say it’s been a long time since I heard an album with so many great songs which can become singles. Particularly a debut album.

Great songs, powerful vibes, outstanding guitars and wonderful singing. Load up your earplugs and bring your friends to their concerts because Firefang surely are a blast performance live.



  • Steven Andsowon – Guitar/Vocals
  • Bram Lesauvage – Bass
  • Maarten Buyst – Drums


Released January 13, 2017

Recorded at Barefoot Studios Pittem, BE
Mixed by Steven De Poorter
Mastered at Vital Mastering Queens, NY

Musicians on recording:
Steven De Poorter – Guitar/Vocals
Pieter De Poorter – Bass
Michael Dupon – Drums
Koen Vanmoortel – Lead guitar on some tracks
Mathias Catry – Lead guitar on some tracks

Firefang – Crazy (DIY music video)

Author: ywannish