ALBUM REVIEW: ash magna – sun’s bold arc

Among the multitude of projects featuring Red Elektra 69/vert:x/vostok’s Vince Cory, ash magna is a particular one. Vince’s guitar playing is a remarkable fusion of styles, and still, with ash magna he is doing yet something different. Together with Daneel Olivaw, Chriz Meinhardt and Dan Schott, they walk us through various soundscape territories.

ash magna’s debut albums is sun’s bold arc. It was released on CDr and distributed at various underground psychedelic music festivals this summer and more recently also on bandcamp this December.

(neon) krishna fm is a brilliant upbeat drum-driven track, with spacey guitar layers and exotic scales, 7 minutes of blissful rhythms introduced by a repeated public service announcement sample. A perfect track in my opinion, pretty impossible not to fall in love with at the first audition. On a different register, veda is a sonic trip, a smooth floating journey through space, with almost non-existent harmonic rhythm but with lots of serenity, ending sweetly with sounds of rain droppings on the imagined soundscape.

dawns dance (or desert dancer) finds rhythm within various resonances and dynamics and has good-quality female vocal samples that works exceptionally while the tune is being expanded with new layers of electronic sounds and overdubs.

The longest track on the album, djong, debuts intensively with long wavelength, increasing in intensity but remaining on an atmospheric range of ambient reverberations. Despites the length and slow motion, the soundscape is perceived as being quite dynamic, merging guitar, drones and natural sounds, aiming for a beautiful abstract sound.

voyager is a space trip built on a silky guitar riff surrounded by original subtle textures, leading slowly to a contemplating finish. mandala has a charming never-ending fading-out tonality, using various acoustics guitar patterns and shifting rhythms, but at the same time stays rich and vibrant with the use of the electronic packaging.

sun’s bold arc conveys a whole spectrum of sounds of different degrees into soundscapes of total calm and serenity and full of good vibes providing an invitation to stargazing and contemplation not to be missed out.

ash magna – neon krishna f.m. / sun’s bold arc


Band Members

  • vince cory – guitars/ keyboards/fx/soundscapes
  • daneel olivaw -electronic effects
  • chriz meinhardt – oglala overtone stringboard ,bells
  • dan schott – beats, samples

artwork: geimurkind

by ywannish

Author: ywannish