The first impression always counts. Some albums are simply charming from the first audition and lose no charisma throughout. SIBERIAN XP has just released one of those. It’s called Animalphabet, it’s out since October 6 and it’s sung entirely in English even if SIBERIAN XP come from Bordeaux, France. A group of long-time friends, playing together since 2011 while being in other side projects as well, SIBERIAN XP might have taken their time to release a debut album, but the result is outstanding. An exceptional production, accompanied by excellent video quality for singles, and with an appealing alternative rock genre sound.

Animalphabet makes more than just a strong good first impression. It’s a solid debut, full of particular elements that perfectly justify a long-lasting playlist presence. In addition to the excellent reminiscence of Bush’s vocalist, which might be enough for some listeners to give the band some credit, the entire audition is a delight. Already from the title track, we’re in a universe of an alternative rock style incorporating post-rock influences and intense metal accents into a melodic combination which seems to be built on a reliable, rich musical heritage and quality background. The metaphoric lyrics underline outstanding song writing ability and the song titles are extremely evocative and invite to discovery (Taste of Tears to Come, Ecstasy of Mice). Balance of Atria makes an excellent choice as album single, while For That Crown, which is also my favourite, might be the best song in terms of encapsulating the band’s style. Beauty Beyond is slower but quite intense, a mastership of keeping a slow pace and the melody for over 5 minutes in tuneful riffs up to a smooth defining ending.

SIBERIAN XP’s sound is aesthetically pleasing, with emotionally resonant vibes, omnipresent harmony and gratifying melody. Animalphabet is a beautiful album with wonderful arrangements and excellent songs, in a faultless production from start to end. Just hit the play button, you won’t regret it.



  • Brice (Silver Machine), voice and guitar
  • Chris (Fall of Seraphs), bass
  • Julien (Iron Flesh), drums

released October 6, 2017

SIBERIAN XP – Balance Of Atria ( official video )

Author: ywannish