ALBUM REVIEW: RED SUN – The wind, the waves, the clouds

RED SUN formed as a trio in 2014 in Albone, Italy and ‘The wind, the waves, the clouds’ is their second release, after ‘Triosophy’ on Desert Fox Records in 2015. Mirco on bass, Fede on drums and Eno on guitar deliver a mix of psychedelia and stoner rock taken with success and increasing popularity across border, in UK and Germany.

What seems characteristic for RED SUN is to have a clear philosophy behind their music, and ‘The wind, the waves, the clouds’ makes no exception, being built around two main concepts. Firstly, the wind, the waves and the clouds represent more than just natural elements cropped out of a seaside landscape. Together, these elements almost cannot be conceived without thinking of their interaction, either in stormy sceneries or in serene imaginaries. The music follows this recipe, playing back and forth with a series of rhythmic changes and repetitions skillfully combined into melodic passages which either generate dreamy surroundings or follow tumultuous roads.

Secondly, and an interesting fact, the album was recorded in the place of its genesis, the rehearsal studio, with the exact goal of capturing the energy, the power and the enthusiasm of novelty just like when it’s created.

One of the band’s strongest points is the drumming, incredibly precise and powerful at the same time. The guitar punctuates the rhythmic changes with relevant effects and sounds complemented by a solid flow of bass.

Favorite track: Artic Wind, for the suggestive title, the exquisite drumming and the explosive sound.

Released July 28, 2017



by ywannish

Author: ywannish