ALBUM REVIEW: Radament – due

Radament released their second album in April this year. A second album may be a tough endeavor for many bands but obviously hasn’t been a problem for this alternative jazz duo based in Barcelona. With each variation and creative approach, due enhances the depths and the freshness beautifully showcased on their first eponymous work. 

‘Otro diá’ is a great opener that captures the listeners’ attention instantly and offers the necessary insight into the vast mix of registers presented throughout the album. The novelty on due consists in the introduction of a discreet set of electronic effects, melting along with the rhythms and the melody lines as on ‘Otro diá’ or deepening the musical dialogue between Juanjo Fernández on piano and Giorgio Fausto Menossi on drums as on ‘Claroscuro’.

The composition ‘Beatus Ille’ shows an extraordinary interplay where pauses and hard beats are interposed giving way to expressive and stimulating cinematic effects. On ‘Dithiramba’, harmony, melody and rhythm are one big sea of knowledge for the two piano and drums virtuosos who manage to carry on the same theme in various paces and tonalities. But they have absolutely no problem of keeping an upbeat through an entire song without a moment of over saturation and ‘Bla-Bla’ stands proof for that.

On ‘Vuelve Al Mar’ or ‘7th St Vancouver’, Radament re-establish their ability to go from being playful, sparkling, animated to being serious, grave, momentous, with their great talent of creating seemingly effortless transits from intensity to melancholy.

Noteworthy for its extensive variations of mood and tonality, due succeeds on every level: melody, timing, sound and spontaneity. The command of the instruments is simply impeccable and strikes a fine balance between variety and unity in a most contemporary setting.

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  • Juanjo Fernández – Piano and composition
  • Giorgio Fausto Menossi – Drums and electronics 


released April 15, 2019

  • Recorded by Alberto Pérez at Sol De Sants Studios
  • Mastered by Giuliano Gius Cobelli at TAAK Studio
  • Cover photo by Juanjo Seguro
  • Design by Ignasi Bosch

Produced by Radament

|| RADAMENT || Dithiramba ||

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Author: ywannish