ALBUM REVIEW: The Blacktones – The Day We Shut Down the Sun

The Blacktones come from Cagliari, Italy. Their history goes back to 2011 when they formed out of desire to play something different than the bands they were in at that time. A sludge metal band with flawless music influences which they don’t fail to serve and promote through their own style and techniques. It’s very difficult to leave aside the names that come into mind when listening to this album, but the evocative list is impressive. This album is pure joy for any fan with Black Sabbath, Pantera, Down, Tool, Paradise Lost or Kyuss in their playlists. And judging by what they have managed to craft out of their various influences, The Day We Shut Down the Sun is great proof for their passion for metal music and creative ability.

The album is a collection of independently themed songs, structured with five experimental breaks corresponding to five main tarot cards reflected in the song titles, each of them counting down five stages of loosing human characteristics until total void. ‘The Upside Down’ opener starts in force, aggressive and consistent throughout, with solid guitar riffs, shredding sound, pounding drumming and outstanding vocals impressively covering any metal style. Great preview of what it is still to come. ‘Ghosts’ brings on distorted sounds and polyrhythms on a slower but still heavy melodic pace. The title track is a doom sonic odyssey leading to the uplifting and perfectly performed ‘Not the End’. The intensity grows with ‘Alone Together’ and ‘I.D.I.O.T.S’ which combine melodic and narrative movements with crushing dynamic techniques. ‘Nowhere Man’ goes on with heavy guitars, polyrhythmic drums, fast playing bass riffs and hard hitting choruses and the albums ends in a crushing wall of sounds with ‘Broken Dove’.

Although very much rooted in the 90s metal music scene, The Day We Shut Down the Sun is a modern reflection on the times we are living. The lyrics content is introspective and addresses alienation, anger, revolt or despair. In this interview, The Blacktones summarise the approached themes, very much up-to-date to the current social realities: ‘The Upside Down’ was inspired by the series ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Ghosts’ talks about the effects of insomnia, ‘The Day We Shut Down The Sun’ was inspired by the film ‘Omega Man’, ‘Not the End’ talks about not being able to let go, ‘Alone Together’ revolves around the inability to understand each other, I.D.I.O.T.S (which stands for ‘I dreamt idiots overflowing through socials’) denounces functional illiteracy, ‘Nowhere Man’ is inspired by the film ‘Mad Max-Fury Road’ and ‘Broken Dove’ talks about the regrets during the last moments of life.

With such extended range of doom styles condensed into one album, with their consciousness and metal music savvy, The Blacktones could go next in any direction and it will be definitely very interesting to see which one they choose to grow deeper on their next release.

Artwork: Andrea Cara


Band members

  • Aaron Tolu – Vocals
  • Sergio Boi – Guitar
  • Gianni Farci – Bass
  • Paolo Mulas – Guitar
  • Maurizio Mura – Drums

The Blacktones – I.D.I.O.T.S.

Released 21 November 2017 on Sliptrick Records


V – The Pope
The Upside Down
IV – The Emperor
The Day We Shut Down The Sun
Not The End
III – The Empress
Alone Together
II – The Popess
Nowhere Man
Broken Dove
I – The Magician
O – The Fool


Author: ywannish