ALBUM REVIEW: RED ELEKTRA 69 ‎– Space Age Sounds from the Omega Quadrant

RED ELEKTRA 69 is a space rock group from UK, very much present on the underground psychedelic music scene. The talent behind RED ELEKTRA 69 is Vince Cory, lead guitarist and prolific musician, known also from his connection to many other projects and bands from the same scene, so many that one can easily have trouble keeping count of: vert:x, Ash Magna, Vostok, Captain Starfighter and The Lockheeds, The Sonic Shamen, Startripper, just to name a few as Vince Cory’s list of contributions, featuring, support and DIY releases is quite big. The man really loves playing guitar. His band mates (Jon, Darren Butler, The Other One) share the same profile, teaming up in various line-ups, space & psyche projects and performances.

-Vince Cory on a Bromley guitar-

RED ELEKTRA 69’s latest release is “Space Age Sounds from the Omega Quadrant”.

The album’s first hour is one big jam session split in four tracks. The opener ‘Delta Drive’ sets the controls for an uplifting groovy voyage. The fine guitar signature is central without being dominant, with solos integrated in layers of steady drumming and distinctive bass lines. The rhythm is complemented with background sound effects and surrounding vibes that occasionally get louder without overwriting the texture. A variation of ‘Delta Drive’ can be found on the exceptional ‘Tribute to Lemmy’ released this year by The Sonic Shamen. ‘Saucerman’ benefits from oriental influences and spacey sound effects.

Beside the instrumental skills and the jam production, it’s impressive how continuously pleasing to the ear the lengthy tracks can be. ‘Can Du Starz’ and ‘Pharoah’ represent the result of a process indisputably based on how much the band members enjoy playing together.

The ending track ‘Epitaph’ is distinctively atmospheric, a dreamy finale to an album interesting for any space rock and psychedelic music fan.

Space Age Sounds from the Omega Quadrant” is yet another not-on-label, self-released, excellent piece of work.

RED ELEKTRA 69 – Can Du Starz


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  • Tracklist:
    1 Delta Drive
    2 Can Du Starz
    3 Saucerman
    4 Pharoah
    5 Epitaph

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